As time flies, the more you get to know each other, the more you’ll notice your differences. And the deeper you unveil how opposite you are, the more challenging it gets to stay on track.

Thing is, as much as you think that you’re putting more effort than the other, know that the latter makes his/her ways, too, to reach out for you. He/She wouldn’t take time to be with you if not for his/her longingness of your presence. Setting aside the usual plans just to enjoy your company won’t hurt his/her time. It is you that was chosen. It is you that he/she was willing to give the time that could be allotted for other special things. Because in the end, what really matters is the memory you make and the time you spend until both of you can. So don’t just sit there, doing your thing, not reaching out to make him/her stay because these things don’t make sense. It just adds to the fact that both of you are uncomfortable and it feels worse.


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