Wild Week

Maybe you’re wondering. Why are you reading this at this moment? Where did I get the time to write something? The answer: same as yours; I don’t know.

Three weeks has passed since the academic year officially commenced. I am finally part of the students eyeing for the greatest fruit of all the hard work from the previous tedious terms. But (there’s always a but *sigh*), I need to undergo unending challenges before I get to that moment so let’s just go back to the present.

Last week alone, I’ve gone into several sessions of celebrations with different people. Saturday night, we went to see a movie with my high school friends and their friends as well. Hell of an evening for I came from a 6-8PM class and travelled to Glorietta alone plus it’s raining! How convenient for commuting ‘di ba. I made it to the film anywho yay  congrats, self. After watching, I and my high school friends have no clue at where we’ll be heading to. At that time, we were just focusing on where could I eat dinner (tom jones na tom jones ako kasi rekta alis after class wala na kain) and where could we stay to just chill and catch up for the rest of the night. And so we went to Taft and asked a friend if we can crash into their house. He approved right away. As we were on our way to their house, we were reluctant to gate crash a house with such one-hour notice but we still pursued anyway. What’s more funny with gate crashing a house is gate crashing a house that isn’t your friend’s house. Hahahahahahaha we were surprised when we found out that it wasn’t his house and they’re preparing carbonara, waiting for a pizza delivery, surfing the net on a tv screen. Twas epic. We stayed there until the morning talking about random things, playing awful music videos, thinking of sleeping but chose to stay awake and the like.

It’s two of my close friends’ birthday celebration, Tuesday night, the college barkada went to a bulaluhan food store to celebrate and the crispy pata was so good! It is during times like this where we can finally catch up together, may not be complete, but we still had a great time!

Thursday night, we celebrated again a close friend’s birthday at Ortigas but this time, with two alumni friends. It was raining but that didn’t stop us to crave for chicken wings lol.

Finally, another birthday celebration of the friend of my friend haha. We eventually all became friends anyway. So yeah, a celebration of my friend’s birthday in Sta. Ana. Meeting unfamiliar people, karaoke all night, several rounds of juice (you know this), endless conversations. All the sabaw-ness while waiting for the sun to rise and eating champorado. It all ended with such smiles which equates to a satisfied feeling from last night’s agenda.

I, know. You are thinking why did you bother reading this? Why am I not doing my research for our thesis topic? How come I’m still not preparing for our report? First long test’s just three days away and still hasn’t memorized a formula. Articles that haunt me every night because I’m way past the deadline. And all the organization’s duties and stuff that needs to be done asap.

Help, I’m freaking out. Slap me, senpai. I need to wake up. I need to face reality. I need to face you as well

Wild Week

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