Thursdays suck

It’s almost 7 in the morning and this post should’ve been written last night, however, procrastination up topped me so i’m writing just now.

What can I say?

February 18, 2016 – What a day! I meant, what a bad day *deep sigh*

The universe was not on my side yesterday. And it almost killed me.

First is when I have things in mind for the betterment of our pre-lab report. I wanted to make sure that everything’s fine, everything’s above mediocrity, everything’s accurate. However, I only have two hands and there’s a  lot of things to do so everything suddenly went not the way I wanted it to be. But that’s okay, we survive yet another experiment without having a groupmate who has the real score in drawing figures.

Next is another pre-lab for another laboratory subject. It sucks when you have a lab experiment today and you still need to wait the next day to finish the experiment. It sucks even more when you have a lab experiment today and you still need to wait the next day to finish the experiment, and then there is another lab experiment for another subject the same day. Juggling two pre-lab reports in a day is just so stressful. Matching the data gathered and wondering if the obtained results are accurate… Ugh! It’s even harder when not all of you are willing to participate to help. Some tries their best to actually help; some will just leave it to you and do not care at all. And when you thought you’re already finished but in a snap, something came up. Worst feeling ever! Especially when your groupmates were already gone (kasi nga akala mo okay na lahat kaya pinayagan mo na sila umuwi) and you can’t just leave your lab report in a way that ain’t right.It’s already past 7 in the evening and you still have to graph your data in a semilog graphing paper instead of a normal cross-section paper. Wew! Thanks to my kind-hearted blockmates and professor who willingly helped me get through all of this.

I am not the type of person who talks to the people near me in class when the professor is already talking but when I do, the professor sees me and the one I’m talking to and we’re doomed. There has been a little break in between the class when I and my seatmate were talking about how grades are really computed, playing tic-tac-toe and analyzing the solutions presented by our prof. Amidst the conversation, we were not aware that at that time (at most 7 minutes before time = at most 2 minutes before the first bell), our prof’s continued teaching. During that time, I was sitting towards the front (like I’m paying attention to the prof but I am very not aware of that) while my seatmate was still in the zone to talk. And so the professor called the attention of my seatmate and mine as well, telling us that he’s the type of person who doesn’t forget the things his students are doing. He always remembers them and will never ever forget them. He, then, told my seatmate to study the solution of the problem written on the board and discuss it next meeting. I feel so bad for being caught in a very untimely way.

When you knew the answers but your professor is in the mood to talk and talk and tells you are wrong, ugh I so hate you! I was one of the students my stat prof called to answer the problem set she gave us on the board. I knew what I was doing but then she uttered, “Bakit may class boundary dito, hiningi ko ba ‘to?”, in a very unlikely voice. “Bakit percentage yung relative frequency? Dapat hindi ganyan pero sige, okay na yan.” “The first column’s title is wrong. I already told you what to put there.” “And where’s the title of the table?” UGGGHHHHHHHH. Ma’am, are you even helping us to be engineers? Because in the way you speak, you’re not. And don’t get me started when the questions in the prob set were unequally easy/hard. The weight of the question that fell into me was not as easy compared to the others. She even gave us a seatwork, so long, and so uneasy. The reason? It’s clearly due to the fact that we’re not having the quiz yesterday and she’s really pissed. Who would’ve taken a quiz when your prof just said “Oh, bukas na tayo mag-quiz ha.” You could’ve reminded us before so we have already started reviewing but you didn’t, and now you’re throwing back at us. What a shame.

So as I walk pass through the school campus, all of the things happened in the day is coming back. The thing I hate most is the fact that I just want to break down, lie in the middle of the walkway and cry but I can’t. It sucks. While I was eating in Dapitan, a couple went to the same karinderya and paved way to also eat. Seeing them so goofy makes me even sad for I don’t have that someone whom I can share my problems with and motivate me to always become the bigger person.

The only good thing that happened yesterday is that I knew who will help me despite hardships and the spanish breads of VJ! Hahaha

Yesterday truly tested my patience and now I can finally say, I hate being at school for 10 hours; I hate Thursdays!

Thursdays suck

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