I can’t believe I didn’t make it.
What just happened?
Where did you go wrong, self?

What a r o l l e r c o a s t e r  r i d e this semester has been. It has been the most difficult term yet. Considering that all the subjects we’ve taken are majors already; there’s no room for minor subjects that’ll pull your semestral average up.

I know I can. I knew I can. The problem is, I have just realized it a little too late and there’s nothing much I can do to pick myself up  and put myself into position where I’ll feel extremely happy just like what I felt the previous semester.

First half of the term, I doubted myself. I failed several exams. And that pushed me to say “Sige, parang ‘di yata para sa akin ang sem na ‘to. Bawi na lang ako next sem kung kakayanin.” Not until I get to pick up the pace of the second half of the semester. I aced some exams. I became part of the top students in some of our courses. I felt overjoyed. But then again, it sunk in. I was a bit late to be part of the list.

Of course, I wanted to be part of the dean’s list. I’ve been part of it last term, why would I not want to be part of it again? But as I say, I was short. I only aimed to get a 1.75 instead of 1.25 (or better, 1.0). I only went for “I’m going to pass this exam” instead of “I’m gonna ace this!I hate myself for settling to mediocrity when in fact, I can isolate myself from being average. It’s like I don’t speak to my tumblr name (Living Above Mediocrity) lol.

Consultation period came and all I can do is to pray for high score-results of my final exams and for my friends to also pass. On a particular subject, I hid the papers containing plus points for them to be added on my raw final grade. But then, there will come a time when you need to help your friends and don’t think more of yourself. And this has been the right time for me. I gave what I have to two of my friends and fortunately, it actually made them pass the subject! Thank God, I have some points to my prof when I’m the only one who tried answering a problem she left us. But the points she gave only settled to reach a 1.75 grade. I am very delighted for obtaining such grade but that won’t help me reach my goal if I’ll only settle for the quota grade. What if I thought of myself more and pull my grade up? WEW tough choice. Nevertheless, I know, I only did the right thing.

Sshhh you can only see this little secret here hehehe

Considering that in most of my subjects, I’m only eye-ing for a 1.75 (which I did as you can see on my grade sheet haha). The first two subjects in the list are the ones in which I didn’t think I will be acquiring the highest grade out of all the subjects. They are the ones which I actually loved (weh). Didn’t think that I’ll pass Dynamics for I didn’t know if I solved problems correctly because our prof had not taken back our papers since the first quiz. Actually got surprised that I passed them all hahaha. EnE’s the bomb. Apparently, I am the second top student of Sir Ody in our class (HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA what a big and funny joke). But I actually am. Never would I imagine being a top student in this particular class because the exams are half-computation, half-objective type. And hell, I had a hard time in the identification questions especially those in which the answer cannot be found in the word bank. But yeah, I’m happy I survived Sir Ody’s class with flying colors hahaha jk. And those subjects na ‘kala mo sure 1. something, yun pa yung mababa sad.

This is the time when I’ll start to wonder…. What if I reviewed a little harder. What if I stayed up late a little longer. What if I didn’t just sleep over studying for an important exam the next day. What if I chose to believe in myself because deep inside, I really knew I can. I’m just a litte bit late and there’s nothing I can do but accept things.

And a fun fact: This is actually the first time where I didn’t fail any quiz and major exams to some of my subjects (except Algebra hehe). I’m overwhelmed to pass all the exams in Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Engineering and Dynamics! Achievement unlocked!

My sincerest gratitude to those who helped me survive this semester! May we truly achieve our goals next term and be happier!


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