Unfortunate Events turned into a Magical Celebration

It was a roller coaster ride for his family during the preparation process of his sister’s (let’s call her Camille) debut. Catering, lights and sounds, photo and video coverage, invitations, the guests and everything in between.

His sister wanted to have an elegant, majestic, magical debut celebration with her loved ones. She wanted a perfect setting to celebrate her day and to be the most beautiful lady on her night. The problem is, she didn’t know how to make her dream debut happen. She didn’t have creative juices to say what to put here, what to put there. She only has set her mind that her debut would be beautiful without knowing how to make it one. Crazy girl, right?

At first, he is too reluctant to get himself involved with the preparations. Being a supportive brother (he always is fyi), he bothered to let himself in. He asked his friends to help him do his sister’s invitation layout and AVP.

That time, his friend who’s doing the invitation was working on her OJT (night shift pa). They had a hard time when Camille wants to change something with the content. So, he stood up and did the honors to edit the layout. But he knows nothing with Photoshop (loser). He, therefore, used MS Word and started all over again. He just copied his friend’s layout and ta-dah!! He has done an invitation using Word!!! Hahahahaha

Two days before the day of debut, his other friend sent the link of the avp he made. The video his friend made didn’t have the captions he told him to. Since his friend already has classes and doesn’t have enough time to put the captions and render the video, he once again stood up and was the one who put the captions.Thank God for windows movie maker and dad’s laptop (which has latest features that made the video happen).


Unfortunate Events turned into a Magical Celebration

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