It was one Thursday night.

Just another ordinary night for an ordinary guy.

He’s looking forward to Friday. He’s going to school to do some org stuff and give something that his friend asked him to buy online. But those are only two out of many things to expect the next day.

The main reason he is psyched the next day is his dad flying back to Manila for his yearly vacation.

Let’s go back to Thursday night.

After n weeks, he finally had a reason to use his phone. He was given load and thought to consume all of it. He’ll change his number as soon as he get his new phone anyway.

And so he did.

He replied to some messages in his inbox. He even messaged some of his friends and see how they’re doing.

Then, someone has crossed his mind. He wondered if he’s gonna text her. Second thoughts attacked him. What if she doesn’t respond? What if she thinks he’s becoming a little bit desperate?

But he thought, why not give it a try?

And so he did.

Every message that pops, he always assume that it would be her. Text message after another yet no sign of her. Not until after an hour and boom, she replied.


No words can express how happy he is when at first glance, her name finally appeared on the phone. He really can’t stop smiling. He cannot explain how kilig he felt at that moment (even though it is unnecessary to feel that way).

At first, he didn’t know what to reply. What exact words to say to make the conversation long. What exact words to say to make the conversation worthy of her time.

Few exchanges of texts happened. Then, she finally bid good night.

The next day, he greeted her, “Good morning :)”. He is not fond of using smileys or emojis when texting or chatting people. But to make things less awkward, he used simple smileys.

Few exchanges of texts happened once again.

Not until he got into UST where he lost track with his phone. He only used it to call his friends whom he knew were in UST that time. He forgot to respond to her text.

Reason he forgot (chose not to respond quickly because he didn’t know what to say) to reply: It was something about what she said.

But hey, he’ll find time to make your lives cross when the academic year resumes. Don’t worry. He also doesn’t want to rush things.

Hirap ‘pag malayo bahay nila sa isa’t isa. Di siya makagawa ng move.


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